People will likely be more able to understand how the ACTA system will affect them by doing a comparison of the current routes along with the details of new routes in Phase 1, and Phase 2. In Phase 2, if there are any subway lines, or busway extensions, these will be reflective to that.

Service between S. Hills Junction, and S. Hills Village

PAT Phase 1 Phase 2 Notes
1 W. of Etna – Terminated, N15, 18N F, N15 W. of Etna, replaced with 2’s route
2 N15 + 14N N15 / F + 14N 14N will terminate at McIntyre Sq
4 10 1, 10 1 connects Lowrie/Froman with RTE 28
6 11, N11 Run on alternating 60 minute intervals. N11 serves Downtown to Northway Mall
7 6N, 10 Spring Garden Avenue served Southbound only
8 22, N6 22, and N6 will run on alternating 30 minute intervals. 22 serves between North Side Station, and Ross Junction
11 R22 2, R22 Most will find reasonable service distance to Perrysville Avenue or N. Charles St
12 24, N24 24, G N24 will connect to McIntyre Sq. 24 will serve malls, and secondary areas
13 BLUE + 23N 23N will terminate at Allegheny Station
14 N8 + 29N / 29R L + 29 29N will terminate at Emsworth and connect with N8
15 BLUE + 11N 11N will terminate at Allegheny Station
16 N8 N8 will extend to Emsworth until L Line is built.
17 22N 22R (Proposed) If not enough service, phase 2 will reduce to rush hour service only.
18 20 Route will be adjusted to make it easier to relate too
20 30 Service loops with Kennedy Center, and loop on the western end
21 W38 A No Service to Sewickley, and extends to the Airport
22 32 Western extends to Kennedy Center, eastern is cut to McKees Rocks
24 N6 B Point at Kennedy Center. 36 continues
26 Terminated Most of route is close to W. Busway
27 W5 No major changes
28X W38, 3U A. 3U 3U serves Oakland. W38/A serves to Downtown. No Services to Parkway, nor Robinson Township
29 36W R, 36W Terminates at W. Busway
31 W37 R, W37 If Late Service is needed, L37 will also be applied
36 BLUE + 46S
38 37W Bridgeville to W. Busway via Greentree Rd
39 Blue + 41 Transfer at S. Hills Junction
40 40 Termination at S. Hills Junction. Loops through Mt. Washington and Duquesne Heights
41 37S B Point terminates at Dormont Station
43 Terminated Route will be obsolete
44 BLUE + 42 42 terminates at S. Hills Junction
48 S2 No Major changes
51 S6, 54 B, 54 Service beyond Brentwood will need additional routes
52L 57 Service between Duquesne and Homestead Only. More frequent service
53 55S Must transfer at Homestead for service to Downtown
54C 61S North of Oakland – Terminated
54D 61N South of Oakland – Terminated
55 48E No Major Changes
56 E67 No Major Changes
57 E67 + 63 63 provides local service to Hazelwood, and Greenfield
58 E67 or 91S 91S avoids Oakland
59 48E+66S+55E 55E goes to Monroeville
60 66 / 67 66 serves Crawford Village, and McKeesport HS. 67 serves Walnut Ave, Olympia, and Kane Regional
61A 64U Serves Edgewood to Wilkinsburg, then Forbes Avenue to Oakland
61B E65 / L65 Serves Fifth – Penn, then Braddock Avenue
61C 67U or E7 For service to Waterfront, 66S
61D 5U/6U or S6 5U serves E. Carson. 6U serves Murray Ave. S6 goes to Downtown
64 91S Takes aspects of 64 and 93. Connects with Glen Hazel, then moves to Waterfront
65 R74 Only operates during Rush Hour Service
67 88, 88E 88, M 88 serves “Weekday Only” extension. 88E serves as 88, and extends to Wilkinsburg, M will eliminate E88
68 75, 85E 75, 85E, V 75 serves to N. Braddock. 85E will serve current 68 route
69 79E, R79 79E, E9 79E terminates in Wilkinsburg. R79 replaces P69. E9 will operate with E. Busway Extension
71 64, 64U 64 serves Swissvale, Swisshelm Park, and Edgewood
71A 9U, E2 E2 avoids Oakland. Both avoids Centre Avenue
71B 15U No service to Downtown, and will connect with Ellsworth Avenue
71C 7U No Downtown Service, Avoids Centre Avenue
71D 8U Avoids Downtown
74 74 + 84 Route split in 2. Connects at Homewood Station
75 E18+51U Morningside and Ellsworth Avenue not served
77 86, 86E, 87 P, 86, 87 86E connects with Wilkinsburg Station. P will serve to Downtown
78 97, E18, 97E 97, 97E, O, T 97 serves deeper into Oakmont. 97E is as current 78. E18 will connect to Downtown via Allegheny Rvr, and Butler St.
79 85 P, 85 P will connect with center of residential population. 85 will connect with Wilkinsburg
81/83 70 Take unique paths of both routes to 1 loop. A/B Point, Oakland Junction
82 90, 94E, E73, L94 90 handles the route beyond Lincoln Loop, 94E serves Lincoln Avenue to E. Liberty. E73 serves Centre Only. L94 combines E73, and 94E
86 E85 / L85 E85 / P E85/L85 functions as 86
87 E92 T+92 No service to Friendship Avenue. Morningside served by population usage
88 21E 21E, M 21E serves from Manchester to Bakery Sq.
89 80 Will Operate in a loop with A/B point at Bakery Sq.
91 E15, E18, E92, L15 E15, T E15/L15 functions much as current 91. E18, and E97 will supplement
93 91S, 91U 91S serves Glen Hazel. 91U serves Oakland. No service to Penn, nor Main
S9/S2 + Yellow BLLB will become S9. RCS will become S2. In either case, transfer to S. Hills Village is via Yellow
DI 3 $0.00+$1.00 cash surcharge. Same otherwise
MI 4 $0.00+$1.00 cash surcharge. Same otherwise
Most flyers will be terminated. Some Rapids will replace. New Routes below will mimic certain ones
G2 W5 W5 will serve current length and eastern extension
G3 38R Will connect with W. Busway. Transfer to W5
G31 W5 + 37W W9+37 W. Busway will extend to Bridgeville
O1 N1 N5 North Busway to be built, replace N1 to Ross
O5 26U Service beyond Rush Hour. No Downtown Service
O12 Terminated
P1 E5 Serve to Swissvale/Rankin Junction
P2 R85 Serves only during Rush Hour. Serves into Wilkinsburg
P3 6E Will serve between Oakland, and Rankin/Trafford
P7 E7 Becomes Main Primary Bus for McKeesport
P10 E18 Terminated Connects with Aspinwall, and serves Oakland
Y1/Y46 69S Serves from Elizabeth to Brentwood
Y45 45S 45S, B Serves from S. Park to Brentwood
Y47 45 Serves Century 3 to Brentwood via Curry Hollow
Y49 47 Serves CCAC-South to Brentwood
NEW 1U Tarentum to Oakland via Allegheny Valley
NEW 2U McIntyre Sq to Oakland via Thompson Run Rd and Bigelow Blvd
NEW 3U PIT Air to Oakland via Coraopolis and W. Carson
NEW 4U Brentwood to Oakland via PAT S. Busway, and E. Carson
NEW 5U Homestead to Oakland via E. Carson St
NEW 6E Connects Oakalnd and E. Busway
NEW 6N Connects Oakalnd and ACTA N. Busway
NEW 6S Connects Oakalnd and ACTA S. Busway
NEW 6U Homestead to Oakland via Murray Ave
NEW 6W Connects Oakalnd and W. Busway
NEW 7U McKeesport to Oakland via Braddock Ave
NEW 8U Wilkinsburg to Oakland via Hamilton and Fifth Avenue
NEW 9U Highland Park to Oakland via Negley and Fifth
NEW E1 Connects Downtown and Oakland via E. Busway
NEW E5 Connects Downtown and Wilkinsburg via E. Busway
NEW E9 Connects Downtown and Trafford via E. Busway
NEW E60 Replace 61A-D for Downtown to CMU. Uses Morewood to Fifth on return
NEW E61 Replace 71A-D for Downtown to Fifth. Uses Morewood to terminate at CMU
NEW N5 Will connect Downtown and W. View via ACTA N. Busway
NEW N9 Will connect Downtown and Warrendale via ACTA N. Busway
NEW S2 Will connect Downtown and Bethel Park via Beechview
NEW S4 Will connect Downtown Brentwood via PAT S. Busway
NEW S5 Will connect Downtown and Bethel Park via ACTA S. Busway
NEW S9 Will connect Downtown and Library via ACTA S. Busway
NEW W5 Connects Downtown and Carnegie via W. Busway
NEW W9 Connects Downtown and Bridgeville/McDonald via W. Busway

There will be other routes that will be in service. These routes will however replace many of the current PAT Routes. The system is designed to reduce repeat routes, allow adjustments to areas while increasing minimal demand of cost, and provide for a clean and simple system. With fewer routes serving to Downtown, the area can have a consolidated station for all routes which will be a golden station for almost all passengers that uses Downtown to transfer to another route.

For those that are concerned with the Y Routes, all connections are made at Brentwood Junction, and will connect with the S4: Brentwood Rapid which will serve the PAT South Busway.