Customer Care

Customer Care is essential for good public relations. Under the ACTA Plan, there will be a simple, and effective consolidation of customer care, and a complete overhaul of the current systems. This will involve, telephony, fax, SMS/IM, social network, and email/web services. In addition, a Ride ACTA App will take the resources available, and bring it to the smart phone.

Social Networks

A potential to acquire ACTA, or RideACTA through Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter will be sought. In the case of Twiter, ACTA will be preferred even if not available on the other networks. A unique domain ( will also provide easy to remember links, and host for all social events and activities with ACTA.

IM/Textual Communications

Facebook Messenger, and Hangouts will be used as a standard platform with communications. In addition, the use many of the local popular IM services as well as Skype will come into play. Quick and easy to recognized on-demand information will be available via SMS. Each stop will have a unique ID, and sending that unique ID to +14124422000 will reply with the next buses due including times.


Telephone and Fax support will be provided. Faxes will also provide On-Demand information if people will still use the fax. Otherwise, applications, and other important documents can be sent to Fax. With ACTA, and IAX server will collect the faxes, and send them to a particular email address. Rather than having to route multiple fax machines, E-Faxing will be the standard.

Currently, PAT has multiple telephone numbers. All of these will be eliminated with exception of the most popular and easiest number to remember. When calling this number, an IVR will first direct customers to the appropriate department that had their own numbers. There will also be less hoop jumping through the IVR system with a more direct and simple system. In addition to +14124422000, there will also be a +883 telephone number which will help those that may have to rely on SIP, or support for +883. ACTA will also have a SIP Address, and SIP Broker Support.


Email and Web will be heavily used. For email, a dedicated domain ( will be acquired to provide for auto-replies. This will include the bus times of stop IDs, and links to various resources required such as schedules, and maps. There will also be a number of other Web Addresses to help the visitor which will include the following

  • – Main Site
  • – Schedules, Maps
  • – Email auto-replies, and site redirects to .com
  • – Job Site / Center
  • – Employee Site/Services / SIP Addressing
  • – Placeholder Site (Redirects to .com)
  • – Social Network/Blog Site
  • – Contact Directory
  • – Redirect System for simpler URLs