The ACTA app is designed to bring Allegheny County’s Public Transit into the modern age rather than hoping other people do it for them. With the app, the user should have less issues to where they will need to call or inquire with customer care. If they do, the app will help them to navigate to the right department. The app will also help people find what buses to go where, and find individual stops/stations. In the case of the Subways, or North Busway underground locations – this will include images of where they might enter from.

The app will be developed for Android, iOS, and Windows 10. The app will attempt to integrate with the user’s unified contacts, and calendar. This will sound invasive, but this is so the app can cache as much as possible to the device while on Wifi. This is because for some people, public transit is the only option, and such are low income. They are likely not able to afford for their transit app to gobble hundreds of MB of data just so they can use the transit system effectively. In some cases, OS limitations may restrict some features of the app, but this is not because of Bias, but due to limitations. ACTA will want everyone’s experience to be as successful and easy as possible.

Features of the app will do the following:

  • Define buses with Contacts
  • Look at Calendar for addresses and times
  • Access A-GPS for location
  • Use Speaker and Vibrate to notify user when to leave
  • Use NFC and Payment system to pay for busfare
  • Interconnect with ACTA Ride Gold’s Wifi connections (if Patron)
  • Download Buses XML files for estimates on when it’s necessary to consume cellular data
  • Treat defined Wifi Network as Cellular
  • Use Dialer and automated key entry to reach appropriate customer care
  • Cache Home/Work Routes
  • Show Truetime information
  • Secure Access to App with PIN, or Biometric

Again features will be dependent on OS and hardware capabilities. A tablet will not be able to make calls. iOS will restrict dialer, and NFC services.