Internet will include the web site, and email addresses. Each employee will have an number that is provided for public relations. This will be their UID for email addressing. Each Route will have its own Sub-Domain which will make it easier for the customer to find the route they will need. For example, to view the 1: Troy Hill, a visitor will simply go to and will get any trivia/unique information about the route, as well as map points, schedules, and if there are issues with the route – this will show too. The visitor will also see information on fares and charges. In addition – operating and passenger information will show here too. This will display any justification on service adjustments.

One will be able to download PDF files of the route map, and time points for what’s important to them by filling a form and going to a special link that is provided to the customer which will then allow them to get the .pdf files they will need. All new paper schedules will be converted to fit in a 11″×17″ (Ledger Size) sheet. This will allow the customer to download the appropriate file and print a copy as they need at most business centers or copy centers.

ACTA will also publish e-guides/e-books, and videos on how to use the system. ACTA will also push to be more transparent, and board members will be expected to regularly use the system. Those who don’t will be known to the public.