PAT has multiple numbers for multiple departments. This can cause confusion, put undue stress on customer service, and give the impression of poor customer service with the caller. An Asterisk server will be set up to handle all incoming calls. This server will handle all fax on demand services which will not even ring a phone. Instead, the server will detect the call is a fax, handle the fax, and send the reply.

For calls, the assured constants will be 1 for the automated system, and 0 for the live person. 2-9 will be to what is currently other telephone numbers for PAT, and from within those points, again 1 for automated system, and 0 for a live person. This will help get the caller to the most appropriate representative, however, someone using 0 without tending to other options such as seeing if the automated system will help them will be in the longer queue. A direct point to operator will be provided to report lost/missing Connect Cards, or other similar disputes. This will likely be the digit selection for Connect Card followed by 0.

This will allow a single telephone number which will be +14124422000 as the public contact number for all of ACTA. Various other departments will be handled through a dedicated SIP addressing system. This will mean that all callers must reach into the system through the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). A public SIP address will be just as effective (although less costly to some callers). In addition, ACTA will invest into a +878 (eNUM), and +883 (iNUM). Skype will also be set up – all of which will connect to the Phone System’s Primary IVR. If ACTA will need to call a customer, +14124422000, or a more appropriate number will be displayed.