To help passengers make sense of the system, there will be an easily to relate to system that will be in place for distribution of the routes. Every major area will have a number (or two) assigned to it. For example, East Liberty will have the numbers 73, and 83. This means any route with these numbers will have an end point of East Liberty. Exceptions to this will be Ride Gold Routes and fixed service routes. Number distribution will be as follows:

  • 10 – 19: North of Allegheny River
  • 20 – 29: West of I-279 and East of Ohio River
  • 30 – 39: West of Ohio River
  • 40 – 49: Bordering current Blue Line, and deeper in the South portion of county
  • 50 – 59: South border of Monongahela River
  • 60 – 69: North border of Monongahela River
  • 70 – 79: South of East Busway
  • 80 – 89: North of East Busway
  • 90 – 99: South of Allegheny River
  • 101 – 999: Out of County

Next are the letters. The letters add variety and will actually make sense. This is not like the old PAT designation system, but instead will have relate-able meaning to them. The letters are as follows:

  • E: Enters Downtown via east, or has a B point in the East
  • L: Late Night Service (10PM – 5AM)
  • N: Enters Downtown via north, or has a B point in the North
  • R: Rush Hour Only Route (6AM – 8:30AM / 3:30PM – 6:00PM)
  • S: Enters Downtown via south, or has a B point in the South
  • T: Subway Line that is not a part of Ride Gold
  • U: Has a B Point of Oakland (U. of Pittsburgh)
  • W: Enters Downtown via west, or has a B point in the West

All routes starting with numbers will not serve Downtown. All Routes starting with letters will serve Downtown. Routes with only Letters are Fixed Service Routes and part of the Ride Gold System. Routes that are just a single digit are funiculars and part of the Ride Gold System. Routes with a single letter and single number are also part of the Ride Gold System.