PAT is proposing a single fare system. In some cases, this will be a benefit – but there will be unintended consequences. One while could debate endlessly about the fare system, the ACTA plan has what will be considered as a reasonable solution.

First, all routes will be pay-enter. This will eliminate fare jumping, and allow the use of the rear doors all of the time. To compensate for the loss of the Golden Triangle which serves as a significant benefit to disabled and elderly, there will be free routes that are represented by colors.

Connectors will have a fare of $1.50. Primary (connects with Downtown) and Secondary (doesn’t connect with Downtown) will be $2.50. Fixed Service Routes will be $3.50. Funiculars (single digit) are free, but a part of the Ride Gold System. All routes part of the Ride Gold System will incur a $1.00 cash surcharge. This includes funiculars. To not use cash, a rider will need ConnecTix, Connect Card, or hand over a paper transfer receipt.

Paper Transfers are Always $1.00, and good for 1 trip within 90 minutes. Paper Transfer Receipts must also be purchased at time of paying fare. Transfers on Connect Cards will be deducted when the transfer is applied. Two transfers withing 3 hours will be available. Transfers on the cards will not be used to ride funiculars. Those that pay half fares with their cards will also pay half the fare for the transfer.

Base fare for adults will be $2.50. Base fare for children, and disabled adults will be $1.25. This is important to know as the base fare is used to determine the price of the passes. Passes are only available on Connect Cards (and ConnecTix in a limited fashion).