Disposable Fares

Disposable Fares are fares where the proof of payment is used rather than the payment. In these instances, the paper to show proof of payment is recycled. However, it costs money to produce these proofs ahead of time. Such forms includes bus tickets, transfer receipts, and paper passes – all of which are still used by PAT.

Bus Tickets/Paper Passes

Under the ACTA Plan, an API system will be used. Something similar is already in place with Connect Card Terminals, and Giant Eagles. This system will be made completely, and forced on all retailers and distributors. Those selling paper passes will be required to either acquire the machines to fund Connect Card, have a payment terminal, or an Internet connected system with an API. This will also include agencies such as MATP, and Traveler’s Aid which only offers bus tickets. Values of bus tickets, and paper passes will be moved to Connect Cards.

Transfer Receipts

Transfer receipts are currently mass produced for every day of the week, and then handed out to every vehicle operator. The current fare boxes likely support thermal printing, and if not – then ACTA will call for replacing the fare boxes with a system that can do thermal printing. When someone that pays with cash want to acquire a fare receipt, it will be printed on demand by the thermal printer. This will cut the cost of transfer production significantly. Since all funiculars are free with a Connect Card, there will be no need for “Continuation Transfers”.