The current garages will be renovated and if needed – rebuilt. For those that are appropriate to handle pedestrian connections (such as Ross), these points will be Junctions. All garages will be renovated to conserve natural resources. Rain Water will be purified, and filter to be potable. Gray Water will be used to maintain and wash vehicles as well as operate toilets. Black Water will be filtered to keep waste out, but afterwards will be used to feed the living roof and wash solar panels. All lights will be LED, and as much as possible will be automated. An example is if someone exits a bathroom, the sensors will detect no one is in that room, and turn off lights. As with P&R garages, a push for an automated parking system will be in place for employee vehicles. If guard dogs are needed on premises, a push for sheltered animals will be used. By revamping, renovating, and modernizing the garages, a significant reduction of waste costs will be done.