Stations will be more detailed than the stops. All Timepoints (locations and times on schedules) will be stations. Stations will be shelters with more shelter points as the population demand calls for it. Shelters will be in color schemes based on directions. The roof will have solar panels to provide power for the shelters including LED lights during night, and E-Ink/marquee display. The color scheme will be Green for Westbound, Orange for Northbound, Purple for Eastbound, and Yellow for Southbound. On the left side of the shelters will be an E-Ink Panel that will be protected with shatterproof glass. There will be refreshes for when information changes, and will display the routes that serve and the time they are due. On the right side will be an LCD display that will show a mixture of Advertisements and ACTA related information. A smaller 7″ screen will have a Connect Card reader to show value and status as well as allow the rider to request .pdf files for schedules they will need to be emailed to them. Obviously, if the screens are abused – they will likely see little chance of regular replacement, and ACTA will seek criminal charges. The screens however can be run off a single Raspberry Pi and an 8GB SD card.

Stations at Junction Points, Busways, and Subway Stations will also offer the ability to acquire a ConnecTix or add funds to a Connect Card. These stations will allow Connect Card holders to receive a basic (Legal sized) schedule for a particular route. This will deduct 50¢ from their Connect Card funds. Digital copies will always be free.