Under PAT, all bus stops are with a Blue show sign, and white letters noting bus stop. Under the show sign is a sometimes inaccurate listing of buses that will stop there. One may not think that a bus stop will need to be noted as it will be simple. Under the ACTA Plan, there will be some distinct difference.

Color Scheme

To help get riders to the appropriate stop on the correct side, there will be a color scheme. The colors will be Green for West, Purple for East, Orange for North, and Yellow for South. Therefore a person on the eastern side of the city trying to get to Downtown will likely be waiting at a Green Stop (rider needs to go west to Downtown). In the colored field, there will also be a 5 digit number. The first number will always be based on the numeric zone of the stop (such as 1 for north of Allegheny River, or 3 for west of Ohio River). Downtown will have 0 (zero) as the first number.


Beneath the color scheme, there will be an E-Ink display which will have a backlit for evening or low light conditions. The E-Ink display will show an always accurate display of all routes with Late/Rush Hour Routes showing up first during those times. When a route is inactive, the route will have a srikethrough line showing that the route serves, but not anytime soon. To keep costs down, the buses will update these signs as they drive by using Bluetooth. If a route no longer exists, the route will be removed from the routes as buses drive past.

Making it work

E-Ink is one only using power when the screen refreshes. This only happens when information changes. The LED back-light will consume more power than the sign would otherwise. To compensate for this, there will be a solar panel which will provide power at night or during refreshes.


One will likely say that this is going to be expensive, and no doubt it will be. However, the benefit of providing accurate bus signs, and keep passengers up to date will be worth the increased cost. A side effect of this system is that if a stop is down temporary, the E-Ink sign can inform riders to go to another location.