Subway Lines

PAT currently has a large number of above ground LRV stations consisting of the current BLUE and RED

Lines. Under ACTA, the only stations that will serve in the capacity as intended by PAT will be the stations between Allegheny Station, and South Hills Junction. This will serve for the BLUE: Downtown Line. All current stations south of South Hills Junction will be converted into Bus or Bus/LRV depending on the demands.

Under the ACTA Plan, a vast majority of the funds needed to complete phase 2 will be the build out of a brand new subway line network. As the name implies, these will be underground light rail vehicle trains that will operate in some cases (such as letter only routes) 24/7. If the current trains can be retrofitted, then that will reduce the cost of some of the acquisitions. However, if not – the trains owned by PAT will be used for the colored routes such as the Downtown service routes.

All trains not operating as a street car function will be automated. This will allow 24/7 operation, and will actually be safer than having a human operator. Since the vehicles will be underground, the unpredictable interactions such as people, automobiles and wildlife will be nearly 0. Automated systems will not get tired, and will not make mistakes. This means no accidents, and this means much higher reliability. The vehicles will have someone employed by ACTA to take over the vehicle if needed, so no loss of jobs will be in placed. The person will function more in aiding the passengers than having to concentrate on the vehicle.

The new stations will be a significant change from the current stations (even the subway stations now). There will be 3 levels. The top level (S) will be the street level. This is where passengers enter and exit the system. The Middle Level (M) will be where passengers choose which direction they need to go, see which route they will need, and pay the fare before going further. Cash fare payments will acquire a token which will be deposited. This token will serve as proof of payment, and allow the passenger through. There will be no “child” token, nor will transfers be available. Transfers can be turned in for tokens though provided a $2.00 ($1.00 + cash surcharge) is paid. The bottom level (P) will be the platform in which the passengers board the vehicles. There will be 3 platforms with the central platform providing for exiting passengers, while the ones on the ends will provide for boarding passengers. This will allow seamless moving of both boarding and exiting. Since passengers paid in the Mezzanine level, there will be no need to monitor paying when boarding.

The Street Level of the station will be designed to not interfere with the public as much as possible. If the land large enough is acquired, then ACTA will make the ground level a park or playground – especially if the community needs it. Other options might include for low income housing, or private mailbox services. In these cases, the station will generate additional revenue which will help ACTA in funding the system, therefore keeping costs down.

All of this sounds well and good unless the stations are of little value. The short links below will provide redirection for a Google Maps File. Google Maps supports tablets pinch and zoon, click-wheel on desktop mice, and gesture controls for most if not all OSes.