All buses have routes. Designations give the route a unique name, but the route is the pathway the bus takes to get from Point A-B. PAT has a number of very complex routes and routes that names do not make sense. With this in mind, under the ACTA Plan, the routes will streamlined, and with a reduction of primary routes will also offer a single point of connections while in Downtown. This will keep simplify things, and help passengers get to the most appropriate route to get to where they need to go quickly and easily.

With the reduction of primary routes, the Junction concept will be emphasized. A junction is a point in the county that will provide a consolidated location for all routes that serves in that particular area. This will allow passengers to get off at one place, and board another route easier without having to figure out where to get off. Under the ACTA Plan, a commitment of providing a route that will serve Downtown, and a route that will serve Oakland as imperative. This assures that all connectors will have such resources. As phase 2 rolls through, the current Zone 2 areas (as of 2016-01-01) will have subway lines, and ACTA Ride Gold will be focused on serving these junction points.