Currently, there are two funiculars. This however does not make any sense considering the very hilly regions of the city that PAT will rather not serve. Under the ACTA Plan, the two funiculars will be given new designations, and 7 new funiculars will be established. Considering an above ground funicular will cost about the price of a bus, while an underground one will cost about the price of 4 buses, it will make sense to provide these in more areas to reduce demand and increase services.

The Funiculars will be a part of ACTA’s Gold Service. These routes will be 24/7 and provide consistent and reliable connections. In the case of the funiculars, one station will be required to connect with a Gold Primary Route (Phase 2), and will be required to be assured a primary route during phase one.

For those using a Connect Card, the fare is free. This eliminates the confusing and costly continuation transfer. Those paying with cash will have to pay a $1.00 cash surcharge, or they can submit their transfer. The Funiculars will not issue transfers. The routes are as follows

Route Upper Center Lower
1: Troy Hill 1831 Lowrie St. N/A Rte 28 + Rialto (West Corner)
2: Fineview Catoma and Meadville N/A Federal and Henderson
3: Duquesne Heights As DI: Duquesne Incline
4: Mt. Washington As MI: Mon Incline
5: Arlington Heights Arlington and Cordell Pl 3400 block of E. Carson
6: Lothrop University of Pitt – Trees Hall Lothrop and Victoria Fifth and Desoto
7: Hill Ledlie St N/A Liberty and 16th St
8: Garfield Heights Schenley and Columbo N. Atlantic and Kincaid Penn and Negley
9: Morningside Jauncey St. and Baker N/A 7000 Block of Butler St.

In all instances, the lower stations will be the transfer to the primary route. In phase 2 – all lower stations will have a connection to a busway, or subway line. This will provide validity in assurance that these likely neighborhoods that may not be served otherwise will have reliable service.