Primary routes will be changed dramatically under the ACTA Plan. First, the number of buses serving into Downtown will be reduced. ACTA Ride Gold routes will also take some of the bulk of the routes. What areas are still in need of Downtown service will be assigned primary routes. Taking into consideration of Aspinwall which is assigned the number 15, one might see E15: Butler Street, and N15: Aspinwall. In both cases, they will serve Aspinwall, however the E15: Butler Street will enter Downtown as an East Route, while the N15: Aspinwall will enter Downtown as a North Route. All Primary (not Ride Gold) will have a charge of $2.50 + $1.00 for any transfer.

Junction Points (such as Aspinwall) will always be assigned a number or even two numbers. There will also be a minimum of one route serving to Downtown, and another serving to Oakland. In some cases, these will be the same route. In addition, all Junctions will have 24/7 service, and Junctions will provide a way for connectors to meet. Junctions will be explained in greater detail on another page.

Each letter is based on the directions (E, N, S, W), and a major destination (U for University of Pittsburgh). U will also be chosen to not confuse the number 0 (zero) or O (Oakland). U will not have any primary routes. Last, the letters R (Rush Hour Service), and L (Late Night) can operate in secondary route fashions, but less likely.